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007 STAGE (FSWL visited)
Albany House, Bahamas (FSWL visited)
Bahamas (FSWL visited)
Barbican, London (FSWL visited)
Buena Vista Restaurant (FSWL visited)
Captain's Corner (FSWL visited)
Casino de Monte Carlo (FSWL visited)
Centre Pompidu, Paris (FSWL visited)
Chateau Chantilly (FSWL visited)
Chichen Itza (FSWL visited)
City of Amsterdam (FSWL visited)
City of Bilbao (FSWL visited)
City of Cairo (FSWL visited)
City of Geneva (FSWL visited)
City of Hamburg (FSWL visited)
City of Istanbul (FSWL visited)
City of Luzern (FSWL visited)
City of Miami (FSWL visited)
City of New Orleans (FSWL visited)
City of New York (FSWL visited)
City of Paris (FSWL visited)
City of San Francisco (FSWL visited)
City of Vienna (FSWL visited)
Corfu Palace Hotel (FSWL visited)
Dam of Lake Verzasca (FSWL visited)
Eiffel Tower (FSWL visited)
Fontainebleau, Miami (FSWL visited)
Gasometer, Vienna (FSWL visited)
Hagia Sophia (FSWL visited)
Harrods, London (FSWL visited)
Hashima Island (FSWL visited)
Heathrow Airport (FSWL visited)
Himeji Castle, Himeji (FSWL visited)
Hong Kong (FSWL visited)
Hotel Eiger, Mürren (FSWL visited)
Hotel Jungfrau (FSWL visited)
Hotel Shiroyama (FSWL visited)
Iceland (FSWL visited)
Island of Jamaica (FSWL visited)
Karnak Temple, Luxor (FSWL visited)
Key West Lighthouse (FSWL visited)
Key West, Florida (FSWL visited)
KFC, Northwest Miami (FSWL visited)
Langham Hotel, London (FSWL visited)
Las Vegas Hilton (FSWL visited)
London (FSWL visited over 100 times!)
Los Angeles Airport (FSWL visited)
Luton Hoo (FSWL visited)
Nassau Airport (FSWL visited)
New Otani Hotel, Tokyo (FSWL visited)
New Providence (FSWL visited)
Palacio Hotel, Estoril (FSWL visited)
Pinewood Studios (FSWL visited)
RAF Northolt, London (FSWL visited)
River Thames (FSWL visited)
Schilthorn, Mürren (FSWL visited)
Schöenbrunn (FSWL visited)
Seebühne, Bregenz (FSWL visited)
Somerset House, London (FSWL visited)
Stansted Airport (FSWL visited)
Stoke Park Golf Club (FSWL visited)
Stuart Cove (FSWL visited)
The Bahamas Islands (FSWL visited)
Town of Mürren (FSWL visited)
Vaux-Le-Vicomte (FSWL visited)
Vienna Prater (FSWL visited)
Volksoper, Vienna (FSWL visited)
WienerLinien AG (FSWL visited)


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Q The Music Show (FSWL supporter)
Vic Flick (FSWL supporter)


Ritz Hotel, London (FSWL visited)
Savoy Hotel, London (FSWL visited)


Bo'Ness Motor Museum (FSWL visited)
City of Edinburgh (FSWL visited)
Dennis Keogh (FSWL supporter)
Money Into Light (FSWL supporter)
The Dezer Collection (FSWL visited)



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